Marinella Beach Apartments is a complex of three apartments, the result of a clever restoration work; in fact the structure has been derived from an old marine farm used in ancient times as a shelter of wooden boats by fishermen.

The apartments are located directly on the beach of Tono, one of the most picturesque bays of Capo Vaticano.

The structure consists of three apartments:

  1. Casetta Mariachiara
  2. Casetta Sara
  3. Casetta Francesca

Casetta Mariachiara is a three-room apartment consisting of two bedrooms, a living / kitchen with sofa, kitchenette and dining room. The Cottage is equipped with tv-sat, air conditioning, safe, hairdryer, fridge, washing machine and microwave.

Casetta Sara and Casetta Francesca are two adjoining two-room apartments consisting of a double bedroom and a living room with kitchenette. The lodges are equipped with tv-sat, air conditioning, safe, hairdryer, fridge, washing machine and microwave.

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