Tropea is a famous bathing place, situated on the reef and between the gulf of Sant’ Eufemia and the gulf of Tauro Joy. She lay on the ‘Coast of Gods’ and is called by the name ‘The Pearl’. 
Tropea is a place with a lot of legends and history over two thousand years. One legend say, that Hercules had building Tropea after his return from spain, because the position near the ocean was a perfect military attitude.




Pizzo is one of the most renowned towns in the Vibo Valentia province on the western coast of Calabria. The town is situated on a steep cliff overlooking the gulf of Santa Eufemia. Pizzo and the province to which it belongs to, Vibo Valentia, is famous for it scenic rugged coast, long sandy beaches, pleasant climate and the best ice cream in the world. 
‘Il Tartufo’ was invented here in Pizzo to honor the visit of Prince.





Scilla lies in front of the street of Messina. It’s the antique Scyllaeum and also the traditional site of the sea monster Scylla of Greek mythology. The legend of Ulysses, who having sailing his ship too close to the cliffs of Scilla in an attempt to distance himself from the vortices of Cariddi, fell into the sea and managed to escape certain death only thanks to the intervention and protection of Crateide, mother of Scilla.



Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is located on the toe of Italy boot, across from the island of Sicily.
Reggio Calabria is over 2.700 years old and the largest and oldest city in the Calaria region. The town was previously the capital city of Calabria, until it was moved to Catanzaro, though the headquarters of the Calabrian Regional Council remain.



Isole Eolie


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