Ricadi and Capo Vaticano are located on the deepest ankle of Calabria, there where everyone could have a beautiful view on the Islands of Eolie. A lot of tourists like to be here, especially for the silence, the different kinds of nature, the sun, the ocean, the white sand on the beach and the cliffs. It gives a lot of places where it’s possible to camping, and for everyone which choose more comfort are there a lot of hotels. But this is not everything.i In Capo Vaticano had live a long the author Giuseppe Berto (‘Il male oscuro’), which was especially in Italy very famous for his poetries about landscape. His last wish was to be bury on the cemetery in S. Nicolo. Here he ‘stay’ near the beach between the little villages Santa Domenica und San Nicolo. The region around Tropea is worldwide famous about the cultivation of onions, which have a red-violet colour and a lot of vitamins.

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